Artist Statement

Growing up in a Midwestern Christian household, the bedtime stories were of good versus evil, the impossible made possible, discovering meaning in the meaningless, and faith. The spiritual world has always been as real to me as the natural world. Inspired by the parables in the Bible, I attempt to explain spiritual themes using familiar visual and social cues.

The delivery of the messages is just as important as the message itself. To use the right comparisons, I research history, fairytales, urban legends, and everyday life. It is important to me that many can relate to the subject matter whether they agree or disagree with my point of view. The child has become a common theme throughout my work; their vulnerable nature, unrealized potential, expansive imagination, and untamed view of this world makes them the perfect channel between these two worlds. The environments my characters finds themselves in are purposely vague which allows them to be both a part of our time and space and another.

I enjoy experimenting with different artistic processes to find a succinct way to tell my story. I usually use watercolor or thinned oil paint, embracing the unpredictable and sometimes uncontrollable nature of it. Blotches of color and strong line work reference illustrations, comics, and street art that reach out to connect with the public. Unashamed of the human hand, I often allow the beginning pencil sketch to still be seen in the final product as an ode to the creation process. The compact size of my art requires intimacy with the viewer, asking her to lean in closer to hear a whispered secret.

Despite our great knowledge, we are still limited creatures just trying to makes sense of our world.

blindfolded blindfolded blindfolded blindfolded blindfolded Izzi Buikus